Building a computer Program For The Kitchen

Building a computer Program For The Kitchen

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To be able to understand your stock position in the kitchen area we must have to understand a couple of things, what products exist available and the amount of it’s there available. A simple application will be a small MS-ACCESS database which will hold info on Kitchen Products and it is stock position. However the drawback to this type of product is that people require to watch it everyday and enter quantity used and quantity on hands. One might be able to weigh an example of products and see the amount of stock exists?. But could we all do it everyday?. No we can’t.

Let’s suppose a camcorder that’s installed on your kitchen area and which transmits images online for your desktop computer or plain and simple a Cell phone that’s mounted in the cupboard that transmits an active video feed via GPRS to your home PC. Yes such applications exist along with a Cell phone outfitted having a camcorder can me designed to transmit live pictures of your kitchen area stock for your computers hard disk drive via GPRS. Now how can we result in the computer identify what products take presctiption stock. This can be a technique in advanced image processing, where images are identified using other images. For instance a picture of the person named James could be tagged as James. Whenever a computer encounters an identical picture of James it may be designed to match the look after which designed to display James.

Image matching technology can very efficiently identify that two images offer a similar experience or find similar images from frames obtained from a relevant video file. So that your Mobile phone can be created to recognize a product because it is. All it takes is developing some code that the mobile phone understands. It’s possible to use Java or Us dot Internet to embed code that compares similar images from Video streams. The next thing is mounting your code around the Mobile phone. You might be unable to mount this code in your Device as Vendors have a hang on supplying licenses to change the Mobile Operating-system.

So the easiest way would be to help make your Mobile phone return live video pictures of your kitchen area via GPRS to your pc. You image matching code could be composed inside your desktop computer which will instantly identify beans, spaghetti, grain, oil, mustard along with other products that you simply normally stock. So when you’re not having enough your favourite stock or a few of the products you have stocked is aging, your pc can announce for you proclaiming that your Milk gets old or else you have stocked Grams for any lengthy amount of time in your kitchen area. Give it a try, it’s not too complex because it appears!!

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