A Guide to Separating Your Personal and Business Phone Line

A Guide to Separating Your Personal and Business Phone Line

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If you have just launched your business, you might be thinking that it’s fine to use your personal phone plan for all your business operations.

Indeed, this can be a convenient and affordable option, but separating your personal and business life is crucial. This will not just help you during tax time, but also in budgeting and controlling costs. Thus, it’s a must to get a separate phone plan for your business.

Read further to learn some reasons for getting a business mobile plan and how to get the most out of it.

4 Reasons to Get a Business Line

1. Vulnerability to numerous threats

Today, information is king, with almost every aspect of life easily connected online. This means that your personal information and everything you enter into the online world could potentially be under numerous threats from scammers, pranksters, and hackers.

For instance, a hacker can see all your credit card information once you use it to pay for something online. Even by using just your phone number, people with ill intent could get the information they need and use it the wrong way.

But if you get a second number for your business, your personal line will be out of the spotlight. And this can significantly decrease the possibilities of hackers and scammers targeting you, thus preserving your sensitive data without affecting convenience and mobility.

2. Limited communication capabilities

Even if you are thinking of using your personal number just for a while and then getting a separate number later on, you are still falling into a trap. You might find it difficult to boost your call-processing capability. And when your business is already growing, changing your contact information is the worst thing you can do as this can stop or slow down the success of your business.

You could get a lower-priced phone plan with all the basic features as soon as you start your business, and then adjust it appropriately as your business grows.

3. Inability to control employee-customer interaction

When your staff makes use of their personal numbers to interact with your clients, you won’t have full control over your business. It is crucial for you to monitor all the activities of your company, including customer service, sales, and logistics. If you let your employees deal with your customers through their personal numbers, you won’t know when and how they speak with your clients, how they deal with difficult situations, and what they aren’t properly doing.

Despite your full trust in your employees, giving them free control will limit your ability to help them satisfy your clients. Also, this will open up opportunities for them to lose some potential customers through deceit and ineffectiveness. Thus, you should provide them with a business line that makes you aware of all that is going on.

4. Compromised work-life balance

Your clients should have easy access to you and your staff, especially during business hours, but not whenever they want to. You are expected to work hard, but you are also entitled to have enough time for rest and pleasure. Having a business phone ensures that business-related communications are only accepted during set hours.

How to Get the Most Out of a Business Line

Determine Your Needs

To determine your specific needs, you must understand how you and your employees will use the phone. Also, consider the usage patterns of your employees so you can get the right phone plan and avoid potential overage charges or money wastage.

If, for instance, most of your employees will be traveling, consider getting a business line offering comprehensive coverage across the country. You might also want to look at international plans if any of your staff will be traveling overseas.

Speak With Your Cellular Service Provider

Ask your network carrier if they have business mobile deals. Compare all possible options, with great consideration of the cost and features, like CUG minutes. Proper research will help you find the most suitable plan for your business.

Manage the Notifications

Now that you have two phones, you must manage all notifications. You need to know what is always going on, but if you are using two phones, notifications may drive you crazy during busy days.

As such, you should disable some notifications on every phone, depending on what features and apps you are using the most. For instance, you can activate email notifications on your work phone and disable it on your personal phone. Experimentation is the best way to find what will work best for you. 

A dual personal and business phone will create problems, such as privacy concerns. Also, if you have issues with your personal number, your business could also be negatively affected. By separating your business line and personal phone plan, these problems can be managed, provided that you work with a reliable carrier offering the best business mobile deals today.

AUTHOR BIO :- Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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